The 2016 Dive Gathering will take place at a new location!

Phillips Quarry in Muncie, Indiana will be the exciting new venue for Dive Gathering activities.  Directions to the main dive shop and Phillips Quarry nearby :

Phillips quarry is a private quarry. The locked and gated entry is only for those groups who have made entry arrangements with Leaird's dive shop. The Dive Gathering group will have a key for the gated entrance. All Dive Gathering participants must register at Leaird's Dive Shop and sign the diving waiver forms before being allowed to dive at Phillips Quarry.

Entry fees: $15 per diving day.  Parking is free inside the quarry gates.

Air fills:  Though the dive shop normally closes at 1pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays, we have made arrangements for air fills on both days during specific times (to be determined).

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Dive Gathering    /    Hanks Dive Locker

The 12th Annual Dive Gathering    (also known as Hank's Dive Gathering)

August 27 - 28, 2016.  Phillips Quarry,  1623 W. Jackson Street.  Muncie, Indiana 47303

It’s been on your mind for some time now - pulling on your heavy rubber dive gear and slipping under the water's surface with like-minded dive buds. Whether you are a new recruit or a seasoned veteran, now is the time to consider signing on for the 2016 Dive Gathering. Join Superlite Diver and Emitca, and a unique team of rubber divers to explore the depths.

Accommodations:  Comfort Inn in Muncie is located close to entertainment and restaurant areas.  Copy and paste the link below into a web  browser to go directly to the hotel.  Other hotels such as the Best Western can also be found nearby.

Muncie local attractions:

Registration for this event is limited so you should make contact as early as possible. Simply e-mail Superlite Diver / Emitca through

This 12th annual Dive Gathering offers the chance to bring and dive your favorite gear, meet new dive buddies or refresh old acquaintances, and experience the fellowship of like-minded dive enthusiasts. The “Gathering” also offers the chance to dive a unique Indiana quarry. It should be remembered that this event is for “like-minded rubber dive enthusiasts only”, so be prepared to bring and dive your own equipment and have your proof of diver certification for diving at the quarry.